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Mathewson's way to natural healing of cancer with juicing and herbs

First Month for the treatment of diagnosed Cancer.

Note: For the first month there should be nothing to eat or drink except described here.

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Items needed for the plan:

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1. Fresh Carrots - Grocery store (Organic if available)
2. Fresh Celery - Grocery store (Organic if available)
3. Fresh Beets - Grocery store (Organic if available)
4. Fresh Garlic - Grocery store (Organic if available)

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Dietary Supplements: Health Food Store
Dr. Richard Schulze's Original formula Super Food 
Young Living Power Meal
Solgar's primary Brewer's Yeast, debittered, unsweetened, unflavored
Granulated Lecithin

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Pau d'Arco Bark
Chaparral Leaf (cut and sifted)
Red Clover Flowering Tops (cut and sifted)
Juniper Berries
Gravel Root
Corn Silk
Tincture of Blood Root
Tincture of Poke Root

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Misc Items
Castor oil (external)
Cayenne pepper - 2 cups
Epson salts
Pink Grapefruit
8 oz extra virgin olive oil
Professor Cayenne's Intestinal corrective formula #1
Professor Cayenne's Intestinal corrective formula #2

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Start your day with 16 - 20 ounces kof Distilled water.
Add 1 table spoon of lemon juice. (fresh)

Twenty mnutes later drink meal consisting of the following:
4 juiced carrots
3 juiced stalks of celery
1 juiced beet with top
2 juiced cloves of garlic
Add 1 table spoon of Super Food
This will be your juiced meal 3 times a day at regular meal times.
Note: Juice should be drank within 30 minutes of juicing

Also take one each capsule of Milk Thistle and Alpha Lapoic Acid once a day.

20 minutes later vigorously brush body with  body brush for 15 minutes twice a day

Immediately take a hydrotherapy shower for 10 - 15 minutes, starting with warm water then hot and then end with cold water for 1 minute.

Next mix the Power Meal as follows:
In 8 ounces of Rice Milk add:
1 Tbs. Super Food
1 Tbs. Lecithin (granulated)
1 Tbs. Brewer's Yeast
1 scoop Power Meal
1 DP Frankincense oil
Mix with the power mixer and drink

1 hour before lunch make a combination herb tea as follows:
1 tsp Chaparral herb
1 tsp Red Clover herb
1 tsp Pau de'arco herb
Bring one cup distilled water to boil and put dry herbs in water and mix and let steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink.
(You should drink a cup of this tea 3 times a day.)

Go for a brisk 15 minute walk.

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Liver Flush

Liver flush is started with nothing to eat or drink after 2 PM.
Mix 4 tbspn Epson salts in 3 cups of distilled water.
At 6 PM drink 3/4 cup of mixture.
At 8 PM drink 3/4 cup of mixture.
At 9:45 get ready for bed and mix-
8 oz extra virgin olive oil with
8 oz fresh squeezed PINK grapefruit juice.
At 10 PM, drink olive oil mixture.
Immediately go to bed and lay perfectly still for 30 mins.
At 6 AM drink 3/4 cup of Epson salts mixture.
At 8 AM drink 3/4 cup of Epson salts mixture.
Nothing to eat till 12 noon at which time the juice fast may resume.
This liver flush should be done twice during the 30 day juice fast.

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Cold Sheet Treetment

This treatment should be done about an hour before bedtime.
Prepare needed items as follows:
Prepare 6 cups of Euro tea.
Grate one large ginger root
blend 1 cup of fresh mustard seed in blender to powder
1 cup cayenne pepper
Put ginger root, mustard seed and cayenne pepper in tube sock.
Prepare bath tub full of water which is kept at 108 degrees F. at all times.
Get into tub and swirl tub sock in water often. Keep water out of eyes.
Drink one cup of Euro tea every 5 minutes while keeping body immersed in water
for thirty minutes.
Immerse bed sheet in ice water.
Immediately wrap up in cold sheet and get into sleeping bag and put four folded
blankets on top of sleeping bag.
Your face will be very red and your temp will elevate to approx. 102 degrees F.
Stay in sleeping bag for 8 hours.
At the end of 8 hours, sponge off with a quart of raw apple cider vinegar.
Take a shower.
Note:  The cold sheet treatment is a very crucial part of the detoxification process

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First 2 weeks take 2 - 3 capsules Corrective formula #1 each night with juiced meal.
Starting in 3rd week, mix 1 tsp Correcive formula
#2 with rice milk 3 times/day.
At the end of the 30 day juice fast, a maintenance diet must be observed.
Juicing of raw carrots and other veggies should make up 80 percent of diet.
Some cooked vegetables may be eaten but only in moderation.
Raw vegetable salads should be eaten regularly.
Absolutely NO sugar, white flour, cooking oils or butter, dairy products, meat,
prepared canned foods or chips, or other prepared foods.

For More Information Please contact Dave Mathewson
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